Tooth Colored Fillings Near Murrumbeena

Maintain your beautiful teeth cavity free with dental fillings treatment

Maintaining dental health optimally has been a priority for ages. Well-maintained teeth affect your smile, social life, and even your basic activities like eating. So if you have been experiencing pain in your teeth, sensitivity while eating hot or cold food items, or have visible holes or cavities you must seek dental fillings near Murrumbeena. Cavities are a common concern of people with dental issues; they should be treated immediately to avoid further damage to adjacent teeth. Dentists at Your Dental Place have the expertise and equipment required to render effective and fool-proof treatment to negate cavity issues.

When do people need dental fillings?

The most common reason why people need dental fillings near Murrumbeena is tooth decay. Similarly, if your teeth are cracked, have holes in them, or are chipped you may require a dental filling. Some people avail of this treatment if they want the previous filling to be replaced.


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Tooth Coloured Fillings

Benefits of white dental fillings:

One of the most popular trends in dental treatments is tooth coloured white fillings. Most people near Murrumbeena prefer tooth coloured fillings for three major reasons:

  • They have a natural appearance

The risk of tooth cracking is very low

  • They are highly durable

How do we conduct dental fillings?

Examination- At Your Dental Place we begin the process with a careful examination of your teeth followed by taking X-rays if necessary to determine an appropriate line of treatment for your problem.

Expert consultation- Our experts then explain the process to you in detail; at this stage, you can ask questions and our team will provide you an insight into how dental fillings work.

Anaesthetic (optional) – To ensure the process is pain-free, local anaesthesia is given,if necessary . It will numb the teeth while dentists conduct dental fillings near Murrumbeena.

Decay removal- Once you are comfortable we begin preparing through the enamel which helps them to clean the cavity and decay properly.

Filling- Your tooth is etched with gel prior to the treatment; then a layer of the filling is applied depending on your treatment type.

Polishing- Once the layer has dried experts carefully polish the filling restoring the original appearance of your teeth.

Why us?

We have adopted a patient centred approach, to provide good quality services to our clients. This approach involves;

  • Consultation and treatment from qualified and trained medical practitioners
  • Detailed aftercare guidance by dentists are provided to ensure the fillings remain intact in future
  • A diverse range of fillings is available including teeth-coloured white fillings, Glen Huntly.
  • Well-equipped labs so the services rendered are up to the mark
  • Finest dental treatments at affordable rates

Your dental place is a team of dedicated dental professionals keen on restoring your smiles and dental health. Don’t replace your teeth for minor damages, instead get dental fillings near Murrumbeena and bring your cavity-ridden teeth back to life.

To know more about us or to book an appointment give us a call at 04 3584 1555 or 03 9939 3909.

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