Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Smile Design Near Malvern

Give your smile the makeover it rightfully deserves

If you’ve been looking for ways to restore your smile to full health and beauty, cosmetic dentistry is the first step towards doing it successfully. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that mainly focuses on enhancing the aesthetics of your teeth. However, the cosmetic dentist near Malvern does a lot more than just whitening your teeth. Your Dental Place has been serving a wide range of dental treatments to its clients that will enhance your smiles exquisitely.

Our process:

  • Thorough check-up- The most crucial aspect of Your Dental Place’s smile makeover near Malvern is a detailed assessment of your teeth. Our dentists will carefully examine your jaw, teeth, and gums. They rely on dental imaging to detect underlying dental ailments and determine an appropriate line of treatment.
  • Treatment plan We don’t bank on the ‘one-fit-for-all approach’, our cosmetic dentist will curate a unique treatment plan suited for your dental concerns. The plan is explained to you and then executed using high-tech equipment.
  • Long-lasting solution Once dentists achieve ideal results from the treatment they offer long-lasting solutions and post-treatment care to prevent problems in the future.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Smile Design

Cosmetic dentistry treatments for full mouth rehabilitation

Teeth whitening  Most common issue people come up with in Melbourne is discoloured teeth. Teeth discoloration occurs due to various reasons including age, hygiene, and diet. We conduct teeth whitening either by using whitening gel or by scaling. Our treatment not only whitens the appearance of teeth but also cleans them, preventing cavities in the future.

Porcelain Veneers  Veneers and crowns are custom-made shells that help restore the appearance of your teeth while also reinstating their functioning. It protects chipped and broken teeth from damage in the future.

Laser Dentistry This treatment is highly preferred by patients that are truly anxious about getting a dental treatment. With laser treatment, gum lifts, and smile makeovers near Malvern.

Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetical Ceramics  This is one of the premium developments in cosmetic dentistry that allows the restoration of damaged teeth. High-quality cement material that matches the colour of your teeth is filled in your damaged cavity-ridden teeth by our experts.

Orthodontics – At your dentist we do a clear aligner ( invis/ spark to align the teeth and correct the bite. the advantages of clear aligners versus braces: no need to restrict food/ diet, more aesthetically pleasing correction of the alignment of the teeth. Realigning your teeth makes it easier to maintain your oral hygiene and improves your confidence.

Why us?

  • Quality equipment and extensive industry experience in full mouth rehabilitation in Melbourne
  • Expert consultation and oral care regime by qualified dentists
  • Gentle and effective oral care treatments
  • Friendly and qualified team of cosmetic dentists near Malvern 
  • Reasonable charges and no hidden costs

With utmost proficiency, our dentists at Your Dental Place will make sure that your dental problems are taken care of. We are a one-stop solution for all your dental problems; moreover cosmetic treatments at our clinic are a steal.

For a refreshing smile makeover near Malvern give us a call at 04 3584 1555 or 03 9939 3909.

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