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Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design is cutting-edge technology that enables dentists to design your smile digitally before proceeding with your treatment.
It is a technology through which cosmetic dentists can get dental records, analyse your facial features and then prescribe the best cosmetic treatment for you. The most amazing part of digital smile design is that it enables you to co-design your smile along with dental care experts.

How is digital smile design used?

There are two different variants of smile design, namely 2D and 3D. The prime difference between them is that the ‘2D’ smile design gives you a computer-generated image, while, in a‘3D’ smile design you get to see a mock-up of your smile before starting with the procedure.

After this, we refer to the documented images to plan and design various options for your potential smile through special software. Finally, we use suitable treatment plans to implement the smile design.
For designing your smile digitally, our experts use their deep clinical knowledge and expertise in cosmetic dentistry to analyse your facial features closely and use dental treatments carefully to implement the design through the most suitable dental procedures.

What are the advantages of Smile Design near Glen Iris?

Smile Design is an advanced technology that blends aesthetics and dental wellness. This innovative technology allows dental care experts to plan ideal treatments for patients and achieve desirable results. Smile design is a perfect pathway for patients who wish to enhance their smile, look and oral functionality.
At Your Dental Place, we focus on designing and creating the most natural-looking smiles that enhance the look of your face. So, our smile design near Glen Iris helps you to feel beautiful and confident about your appearance and smile.

Is a smile design suitable for me?

Smile design near Glen Iris is a safe procedure that is suitable for any individual who wishes to enhance his/her smile. The dental care experts use a range of treatments like aligners, dental veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, a whitening or full oral rehabilitation to achieve the desirable results.
So, if you are someone who wants to enhance your smile and overall appearance, then Smile Design near Glen Iris is the best option for you.
Our team at Your Dental Place strives to offer you efficient and hassle-free services. Our medical and non-medical staff ensures that you are comfortable throughout the treatment. So, connect with us now and schedule an appointment with our dental care experts.

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