Dental Implants near Chadstone

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants near Chadstone are a famous and efficient way to replace missing teeth and comprise a titanium screw for replacing the roots of your natural tooth. This screw forms the base of your replacement tooth. Dental implants are regarded as an efficient long-term remedy. Being made from titanium, they are completely safe to use and are human-compatible.

Near Chadstone, there are a lot of people who cannot smile with confidence because of the lack of teeth. Tooth decay is a primary cause, but it can be solved. Chadstone dental implants can give a healthy smile to a person who has a missing tooth or teeth.

Do you have missing teeth?

There’s no reason to get uncomfortable with your smile.  We can replace the missing tooth or teeth with dental implants at a competitive cost, and restore a natural smile. Whether you have lost your tooth from decay or injury, our expert dentists can perform a simple procedure to insert a metallic anchor(implant) in the area to act as a root, while the missing  tooth(new crown) is placed on this anchor.

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Crown and Bridges


We understand patients’ concerns about the pain they might have to suffer along with the dental implants. Thanks to our use of modern equipment and methods, our experienced dentists ensure to minimise your worries about experiencing pain.

Why dental implants?

In implantology, the function and look of the original natural teeth are achieved. It is not just replacing the missing teeth but also has additional advantages like improving smile, function,  speech and confidence. The following benefits apply to dental implants near Chadstone:

Bone loss reduction

Do you know that implants encourage the growth of the jaw bone? When teeth are missing, bone tissue begins to atrophy. An additional loss can be prevented if dental implants are available and new tissue is created simultaneously. As a result, the jaw becomes stronger. If there is considerable bone loss before the procedure, patients will receive a bone grafting procedure.

No Sacrifices for Diet

As previously mentioned, Chadstone implants won’t hamper your diet. Without hesitation, you can have a wide variety of foods you like.

Improved oral feature

You can restore the normal functionality of your jaws and the rest of your teeth with dental implants. Dental implants work the same as normal teeth, so you can eat without fear all your favourite foods.

Dental hygiene enhancement

To be precise your dental implants will less likely affect your neighbouring teeth, so it is easy to use and maintain. Brushing and flossing your implants is essential for its maintenance.

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