Children’s Dentistry near Glen Iris


Children Dental Care near Glen Iris

We have specialized child dentists in Glen Iris that offer a wide variety of dental care services for kids. Were you aware that the initial feelings of a child from a dental hospital may affect their oral hygiene habits in the coming future? At Your Dental Place, we work hard to make sure that your kids have an enjoyable, informational, and beneficial dental examination. 



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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry 

The dental care of children is very distinctive from that of adults with variables such as age, cognition, and type of personality. Visiting a dentist can be an odd experience for the first time. Thus, it is vital to make that the first experience of visiting a dentist is positive and encouraging for children. This will lower anxiety and stress levels while visiting our child dentist in Glen Iris. Moreover, the encouragement of good oral hygiene at a young age, and habits that lead to healthy dental conditions for life, are also important. 

We suggest that parents introduce professional dentistry to their children as soon as they get their baby teeth. It’s as convenient and simple as bringing them to your own dental appointment, watching your teeth clean, or bringing them for their own dental care where their baby teeth will be counted and polished.

Pediatric Dental Care Tips 

Our child dentists in Glen Iris recommend the following dental routine for kids:

Healthy food – Cavities are typically caused by foods that are high in sugar.  In order to minimize the risk of tooth decay, the consumption of high-sugar foods must be reduced and the overall intake of sugar as well.

Healthy Drinking – Children should drink plenty of simple tap water and reduce the consumption of high sugar and acidity soft beverages, sports drinks, cordials, and fruit juices.

Brushing Habits – Children should brush their teeth two times a day with a soft brush that has a small head and fluoride toothpaste to help avoid several teeth issues in the future.

Floss Daily – After food, kids should floss between their teeth to remove food and plaque between the teeth that cannot be accessed by the toothbrush. Adult supervision helps to ensure children adopt a daily floss and brushing routine.

Regular dental check-ups – It is advised that children meet up with the dentist for a thorough examination every six months. Regular early checks strengthen good dental care.

Treatments for fluorides –  Check the need for fluoride treatments with your dentist and water agency. Fluoride is an important part of childhood dental caries prevention. This is because fluoride makes the teeth more resistant to acid attack and decay. Children, however, need the correct fluoride treatment balance. Also, there might be a problem with too much fluoride that leads to fluorosis.

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