X-Rays Near Carnegie

Dental imaging plays a pivotal role in determining the most fitted treatment plan for patients’ dental concerns.

How does dental imaging help?

The equipment we employ creates an image on an X-ray digital sensor so you can see the condition of the teeth and determine a solution to restore them. 

X-ray: Intra-oral which is taken inside the mouth

Advantages of digital dental imaging:

Carnegie’s experienced dental surgeons suggest getting an X-ray in order to diagnose the condition of your teeth. Apart from helping doctors come up with a plan of action, digital dental imaging helps:

  • Assess conditions affecting tooth roots
  • Detect dental cavities, tissue damage, and other issues
  • Identify gum and periodontal ailments
  • Keep a track of the effectiveness of a certain treatment
  • Check growth and development of teeth amongst paediatric clients

Although dental imaging is highly essential for effective examination of your mouth it should be done using the latest equipment and technology to achieve accurate diagnosis.

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Why us?

We keep up with the latest equipment and technology so as to provide accurate results from dental imaging. We opt for digital X-rays to ensure less exposure to radiation and facilitate electronic data retrieving. At Your Dental Place, qualified dental practitioners with extensive experience cater to your concerns. They also provide customised post-treatment oral care regimes. Our dedicated team confirms that your issues are handled with utmost care and compassion. Furthermore, we pose affordable charges for all treatments and services without any hidden charges.

Your Dental Place team works above and beyond to make all your dental sittings comfortable and effective. We provide the most precise and quick dental imaging near Carnegie.

To know more about us, give us a call at 04 3584 1555 or 03 9939 3909.

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