Dentures near Glen Iris

Dentures near Glen Iris

A denture is an effective dental appliance used for replacing multiple missing teeth and adjacent tissues. The idea of fixing dentures can seem intimidating at first as they are thought to be uncomfortable and look fake. But such is not the case anymore. Modern dentures are extremely well-made and completely look natural offering you a confident and beautiful smile.

Our team of experienced dentists at Your Dental Place can help you fit the perfect set of dentures at affordable prices. We implement the latest technology and methods, which allow us to offer effective oral care services to our patients. If you are looking to improve your confidence and smile with dental dentures near Glen Iris, you can reach us on 0435 841 555.


Types of Dentures

At Your Dental Place, we offer two types of dentures- Full and Partial. Full dentures are also commonly called complete dentures. While full dentures enable replacing an entire set of teeth, partial dentures help fill the spaces created by missing teeth.

While patients who have lost most or all of their teeth should opt for complete dentures, a partial denture should be fixed by patients who do have some natural teeth remaining. A denture not only allows you to talk and chew properly but also offers support for your facial muscles. Moreover, dentures greatly enhance your appearance.

Our team of experts will suggest the most suitable dentures for your given conditions. You could also enquire for a no-obligation quote on 0435 841 555.

Getting accustomed to Dentures!

Initially, you could experience a period of discomfort as your mouth starts to get used to the dentures. However, eventually, you will become comfortable wearing it. You may need a little practice for inserting and removing the dentures as they should fit perfectly into place.

At first, it is necessary to wear your dentures regularly which will help you know if there is any adjustment needed in terms of the fit or bite.  A particular area can become sore if the denture applies too much pressure on it. Our experts can adjust your dentures properly for a comfortable fit.

Soft foods why? And for how long?

You would need 3-4 weeks to consume solid foods. Until then, it is advised to eat soft foods that are cut into small pieces and chew on both sides to keep even pressure on the dentures.

Book an appointment with us!

Missing teeth can significantly affect the quality of your life with low confidence and speech problems. It is best to get dentures fixed at the right time from a reliable dental clinic. If you are looking for one or would like to know more about our dental services, do not hesitate to call us on 0435 841 555.

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